Aug 16, 2022


Many powerful women are seeking and teaching for women to have BDE

For those not in the know BDE is Big D*ck Energy

But darlings there’s something better.
A secret the Feminine Spoke to me
Something more juicy
More magnetic
More potent

Allow me to introduce you to something that is UNIQUELY ours…


Screaming Multiple Orgasmic Kink Energy.

This is the energy of a woman who KNOWS her capacity for pleasure has no end
And no edge.

Screaming- not hiding in her pleasure
Nor subduing in her celebration.
Creation began with a sound and the next rising evolution is captured in the Voice of her Ecstasy.

Vibrational Calibration that shifts everything
Not with a word
With a SOUND.

Multiple- Her capacity expands exponentially

Her body is a portal
Not some fragile thing
Her nervous system attuned and resilient instead of frigid and fragile.

The Universe doesn’t have to prove itself to her
It’s not that she CAN’T be satisfied it’s that her levels of satisfaction

Creative energy gathers in the bowl of her belly flowing out to the depths while ascending up to the heights.

Ida and Pingala dancing together until

Orgasmic- She’s juicy, ready, and exquisitely in touch with her own Embodiment. The Spiral of pleasure and ecstasy swirling right under the surface.

It’s ALL pleasure
Tension and friction
Relaxation and flow
Exploding out from her in an avalanche
Pulsing within her like a current

She fills every space she’s in with potentiality
Her magnetism is not in her difficulty, her striving
It’s in the mystery of her Ease.

Kink- She opens wide and lets Life in without capping the experience when she can’t control it.
Unarmored she rides each Experience
Taking it in
Opening it as she opens to it.

She’s responsive to it all without judgement
The pleasure becoming pain
The pain an exquisite pleasure

Accepting the Meter
Riding the Beat
Surrendering to the Rhythm


The Eternal Sensual Alchemist
She KNOWS the euphoria of Infiniti and gives it a home in her body

PLEASURE knows her, seeks her out for she is the Vehicle- giving it a body through her Life.

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