Nov 23, 2016

More On Yin and Yang Energy

More on the distinction between Yin Yang energy and Masculine Feminine Essence.

My King Richard Moore, said I need to explain this more because as a concept it’s still fairly unknown and what we teach is unique. This is a part of the foundation of our Teaching and System™ in regard to Masculine Feminine dynamics…

Let’s dive in:

Masculine or Feminine is Essence. Essence speaks to the essential BEING, essence is literally the I AM-ness of something.

Yin Yang is Energy. Energy is the action or expression of something.

In a nutshell darlings – Masculine or Feminine is the content, Yin or Yang is the context.

In a Feminine woman her essence is ALWAYS feminine. Her energy ideally flows in such a way that her Yin is the step leader and her Yang expresses in support of that Yin.

In a Masculine man his essence is always masculine. His energy ideally flows in such a way that his Yang is the step leader and his Yin expresses in support of that Yang.

If a Feminine woman attempts to inhabit Masculinity… She will become depleted because it is not her. The same will occur if a Masculine man attempts to inhabit femininity.

What follows is often depression or a deep rage.

If a Feminine woman attempts to use Yang energy as the initiating force and her Yin as only supportive… She will find herself frustrated, not supported in ways that nourish her, looking good but feeling tired or like a workhorse.

The same if a Masculine man attempts to use Yin energy as the initiating force and Yang as only supportive.

Btw… This also applies to those in same-sex dynamics… There is typically still one partner that inhabits the Feminine Essence and one in Masculine essence

If you read that you can quickly see the interconnectedness this breeds in between men and women. The need for both essences to connect through our need for each other. The dance that is necessary for a greater wholeness than either could have alone.

And why it is a common and yet not beneficial thing to focus on what the other essence is doing, or why.

To put it more plainly, we each have enough work to do focusing on ourselves, loves.

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