Nov 20, 2021


We chose not to do High Level business coaching as a SPECIFIC thing until
1. We had REAL entrepreneurial Business success… not just corporate success (which is different)
2. We made our first million
3. We had Business Mastery and Expertise to offer not just interest and desire
4. We had something we REALLY wanted to offer to the Realm of Business Coaching… a Legacy we want to leave, Leadership to offer that makes the field of Entrepreneurship as well as the WORLD more magnificent.
That’s what it means to LIVE and LEAD the Legacy you want to leave.
Now that we have all of the above:
1. Over 12 years of entrepreneurial success
2. Over 7 figures a year revenue
3. We have spent multiple millions on education training and more that enables us to serve YOU. We get better and better so that we can SERVE.
4. Because of the things we’ve done and experienced as well as how PURE our channel is we see the distortions at the HIGHEST levels of Business, we know the PRACTICAL corrections and we know what we are here to offer to the FIELD of Business enterprise as well as to Owners and Leaders.
NOW we’ve recalibrated to serving those who lead, who want to transform to Leading at the HIGHEST LEVEL while having it ALL personally.
In other words WE AREN’T JUST MARRIAGE/DYAD COACHES. We’re what it looks like when a Dyad coaches and that’s completely DIFFERENT.
You need a coach who can hold your success while supporting you in all the things so you can be ALL THAT YOU ARE
If that’s you the place to begin is THE IMMORTALS : Leaders, Legends, and Legacy

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